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WINGSForum offers a rich Omni-platform peer-to-peer experience in which delegates can learn and collaborate — with each other and with experts, practitioners and benefactors across the entire range of philanthropic work. It will offer a variety of formats for interaction that allow us to explore the kind of society we are seeking to build, the transformation philanthropic actors need to undertake to build it, and the personal shifts we must embrace to lead the way.

The advent of a global pandemic makes the logistics of coming together impossible in 2020, but it is equally impossible to just “shift” to a digital format for a WINGSForum because much of the interactions and collaborations that make our Forum so valuable simply cannot be replicated in a digital format. 


So, our planning team reimagined an approach that is more creative and more aligned to support the important work ahead.

No upcoming events at the moment
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For more information or to discuss any questions you might have, get in touch.

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