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WINGSForum 2023 | Transform 

From October 3-5, 2023, more than 350 attendees from over 50 countries gathered in Nairobi, Kenya for the 7th edition of WINGSForum, this year co-hosted with the African Philanthropy Network (APN). 

WINGSForum is the global event bringing together philanthropy leaders, professionals, networks, experts and changemakers, from around the world and representing all forms and types of philanthropy. 

WINGS members and participants representing diverse voices from the global philanthropy sector met face to face in Africa for the first time since the pandemic to re-connect, re-build and engage in open, honest and lively discussions on how to 'Transform Philanthropy to Transform the World'.  

The theme for this year was based on the need for us to Transform ourselves and our ways of working to address the scale, complexity and urgency of the global polycrisis - the set of interconnected global risks that pose a threat to us as humanity.  As philanthropic organisations, we must transform ourselves, our practices, and our institutions. To do so, we need to come together to learn from each other and share ideas, solutions and pathways to change. 


The experience

WINGSForum 2023

WINGSForum 2023 challenged us to reflect on the upheavals that the world is experiencing and called on us to come together and create a global philanthropy movement for transformation.

​It provided a platform to imagine, explore and experiment with different paths for moving forward as individuals, organisations, and societies. As philanthropic organisations, we are responsible for transforming ourselves, our practices and our institutions so that we continue to lead, support and enable change for a thriving planet and healthy societies. 

In a series of plenaries, members-led sessions, and side events, this flagship event addressed and shaped the global discussions in philanthropy and offered inspiring speakers, and networking opportunities. It highlighted the rich and varied social and philanthropic innovations that are happening across the globe, and in the African continent where WINGSForum was hosted for the first time. It was also an opportunity to celebrate African culture. 

Collectively we can imagine a better future and discover how to Transform ourselves and our ways of working to create the future we dream of. 


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WINGS is the only global network of philanthropy support and development organisations. We are a community of over 200 philanthropy associations, networks, academic institutions, support organisations, and funders, in 58 countries who are committed to growing and strengthening philanthropy to ensure that it reaches its fullest potential as a catalyst for social  progress. We are committed to ending inertia, breaking down silos, challenging conventional wisdom and creating an enabling environment for philanthropy to flourish.


WINGS is proud to partner with the Africa Philanthropy Network to co-host WINGSForum 2023. APN brings together 67 member organisations serving different forms of African philanthropy. Together APN members represent civil society and community partners in 48 African countries.

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