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  • Title: 7 things you need to know about WINGSForum 2023

Shared by WINGS

  • Title: AI and Catastrophic Risk

Shared by Nicolas Miailhe​​

Shared by Fredrick Etoori Ekakoro

Shared by Catalina Escobar

  • Title: Faculty Spotlight: Pamala Wiepking

Shared by Maurice Omondi

  • Title:

Shared by Casey Kelso

Shared by Casey Kelso

  • Title: Interview with Nicolas Miailhe : AI, Governance and Philanthropy

Shared by Nicolas Miailhe

Shared by Fredrick Ouko

Shared by Maurice Omondi 

walk   The   talk

Shared by Tendisai Chigwedere

Shared by Martha Tukahirwa 

  • Title: Framework to Decolonize Child and Youth Philanthropy

Shared by Sheela Bowler


Shared by Christine Sow 

  • Title: NGO shift in funding practices letter hits milestone

Shared by Matthew Patten

Shared by Charles VanDyck

  • Title: Shifting Funding Practices

Shared by Matthew Patten

Shared by Charles VanDyck and Fredrick Ouko

  • Title: The Philanthropic Community Must Lead on Advancing Dignity — And Here’s How

Shared by Tom Wein

  • Title: The Trust Gap

Shared by Debbie Zamd

Shared by Eszter Filippinyi

  • Title: Where is the Dignity in Aid?

Shared by Tom Wein 


create the future

Shared by Malene Bratlie

Shared by Maurice Omondi

Shared by Sarita Sehnga

  • Title: Race, Power & Peacebuilding

Shared by Charlotte Divin

Shared by Caroline Teti

  • Title: The impact of MacKenzie Scott’s resourcing of women’s funds

Shared by Martha Tukahirwa

Shared by Barbara Nöst

  • Title: Transforming Partnerships in International Cooperation

Shared by Rachel Smith and Martha Tukahirwa

  • Title: Transforming Philanthropy Transforming The World

Shared by Tarisai Jangara​​

Shared by Sheela Bowler

  • Title: Why does local agency matter? Enabling the local decision space for aid recipients

Shared by Moses Isooba

Shared by Maurice Omondi​​​​

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