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WINGSForum is the preeminent global conference on philanthropy. 

Held every three years, it offers a rare opportunity for a truly unique collection of philanthropy associations, support organisations, networks, advisories, funders, academic centres and other philanthropy stakeholders from all regions of the world to network, learn from each other and challenge their own field to make a greater impact.

WINGSForum delegates represent the broad spectrum of philanthropic work — from institutional philanthropy to corporate and individual giving, from high net-worth individuals to community and grassroots philanthropy. Each of these offers a valuable lens into best practices and new models playing a unique role in social impact and transformation. 


WINGSForum is for philanthropy support organisations (PSOs) that work primarily on philanthropy (networks, academic institutions, advisories), PSOs that enable philanthropy as a subset of their main function (banks, consultancies, law firms, marketing and PR firms), and funders of the philanthropy support ecosystem (individuals, foundations, multilateral and bilateral development agencies, and INGOs). 

Feedback from participants consistently ranks WINGSForum as one of the most valuable opportunities for professional development, relationship building and knowledge sharing. 

For more information about WINGSForum contact: Natalia Posse




Our world and planet are in crisis. From climate change to mass biodiversity extinction, we have entered an epoch during which human activities have become a geological force at the scale of the planet. This unprecedented situation, in conjunction with ever-growing income inequality, failures of democracy, unchecked technological disruptions and Artificial Intelligence (AI), or new pandemic risks, are diverse manifestations and causes of what some experts call a global polycrisis that poses existential threats to humanity. 

Yet, there is hope as solidarity, generosity, and citizen action grow globally. The next generation understands the need for transformative change. Incremental change is no longer an option. 

As philanthropic organisations, we must transform ourselves, our practices, and our institutions. We must lead, support, and enable change for a thriving planet and healthy societies. The complexity of these challenges demands collective imagination and transformation of our work.

To do so, our field needs to come together globally to learn from the incredible work of personal and organisational transformation that is happening in different parts of the world and find common narratives, imagination, solutions and pathways to change. 

From October 3-5, 2023, Nairobi, Kenya hosts the 7th edition of WINGSForum, co-hosted by the African Philanthropy Network (APN). This global event will unite philanthropy leaders, networks, experts and changemakers, representing all forms and types of philanthropy. 
We will reconnect, rebuild and engage in open, honest and lively discussions on how to
'Transform Philanthropy to Transform the World'.  



Past events

WINGSForum 2020/2021

From November 2020 to April 2021, we hosted three very well attended virtual events: Power and the Role of Philanthropy, Philanthropy and the Digital Revolution and Philanthropy and the New Economy. 

​In each session, hundreds of participants from across the world were guided by our speakers to imagine new futures and analyse the role that philanthropy can play in creating them. 

We invite you to watch the recordings, read the summaries, and explore the resources that were shared during the events.

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WINGSForum is created by WINGS, the only global network of philanthropy support and development organisations. We are a community of over 200 philanthropy associations, networks, academic institutions, support organisations, and funders, in 58 countries who are committed to growing and strengthening philanthropy to ensure that it reaches its fullest potential as a catalyst for social progress. We are committed to ending inertia, breaking down silos, challenging conventional wisdom and creating an enabling environment for philanthropy to flourish.


WINGS is proud to partner with the Africa Philanthropy Network to co-host WINGSForum 2023. APN brings together 67 member organisations serving different forms of African philanthropy. Together APN members represent civil society and community partners in 48 African countries.


The coordination of the WINGSForum 2023 is managed by the following organising teams:

Planning Committee

Frank Aswani - African Venture Philanthropy Alliance
Andrew Chunilall -  Community Foundations of Canada
r Hughes - Global Dialogue
Delphine Moralis - Philea

Alina Porumb – INSPIRE Community Foundations
Vidya Shah -  EdelGive Foundation
Stigmata Tenga - Africa Philanthropy Network


Host Committee


Chair: Francis Kiwanga - The Foundation for Civil Society

Jacqueline Asiimwe - CivSource Africa
Caesar Ngule - Kenya Community Development Foundation

Grace Maingi, KCDF
Evans Okinyi - East Africa Philanthropy Network
Matt Reeves - Aga
Khan Foundation
Stigmata Tenga – Africa Philanthropy Network

For any questions contact:

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WINGSForum is an event of WINGS

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