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WINGSForum 2023 | transform 

The theme of WINGSForum 2023, TRANSFORM, is an acknowledgement of the need for us, as philanthropic organisations, to transform ourselves, our practices, and our institutions in order to rise to the challenge of tackling multiple urgent global challenges.


WINGSForum 2023 will aim to respond to the call by practitioners, institutions and the sector at large to find common narratives, imagination, solutions and pathways to change. The event will include and welcome a variety of philanthropic actors: foundations, funders and philanthropy support organisations. The latter includes networks, associations, giving platforms, and think tanks, and the diversity of philanthropy infrastructure organisations including informal solidarity networks.

Three key tracks will guide these discussions:

enable   change

walk   The   talk

create the future 

This track will focus on shifting from a mindset of achieving results to enabling others - to spark deeper, broader, and faster change. These sessions will challenge power dynamics through thinking about decolonisation, trust-based philanthropy, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and risk-taking.

Here participants will reflect on the how rather than the what of transformation. It will emphasise personal and organisational transformation and highlight the need to align values and missions across wealth creation, management, investments, leadership, and equity.

In this track, we’ll navigate existential threats, how they translate to our realities and how we can address them through a holistic, long-term approach. Topics include climate change, conflicts, economic models, inequality, AI and technological disruptions.

WINGSForum 2023 programme

Find the PDF version of the programme here. We strongly encourage you to download the WHOVA app, as this is where all WINGSForum 2023 attendees will receive updates on the programme, network with participants, share resources, and ask questions.


WINGSForum 2023 will:


  1. Contextualise the discussions on transformation: Introduce and reflect on the discussions around the transformation agenda and provide a global framework that centres on the Philanthropy Transformation Initiative.

  2. Build a collective philosophy of transformation: Create a shared understanding and alignment among participants on philanthropy’s transformation and explore ways for movement building.

  3.  Offer reflections and strengthen connections: Create spaces for powerful and meaningful reflections, at an individual and collective level and enable connections to grow.

  4. Provoke thoughts and ideas: Activate the transformative impulse through thought-provoking and challenging discourse, challenging assumptions and planting new ideas.

WINGSForum 2023 will


Create spaces to reflect, share, discuss, debate and engage in the transformation journey which will need conscious, individual-level transformation to create broader change at an organisational and field level. 

Some of the topics we will address at WINGSForum 2023 are:


  • The role of philanthropy in the face of the polycrisis

  • The paradox of philanthropy: a symptom of or solution to inequality

  • Aligning values with how wealth is created and distributed

  • Transformational leadership and organisations

  • Risk seeking philanthropy

  • The role of boards in the transformation agenda

  • The enabler role of philanthropy in multi-stakeholder partnerships

  • Growing the philanthropy transformation movement


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