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WINGS is the only global network of philanthropy support and development organisations. We are a community of over 200 philanthropy associations, networks, academic institutions, support organisations, and funders, in 58 countries who are committed to growing and strengthening philanthropy to ensure that it reaches its fullest potential as a catalyst for social  progress. We are committed to ending inertia, breaking down silos, challenging conventional wisdom and creating an enabling environment for philanthropy to flourish.



Africa Philanthropy Network

​WINGS is proud to partner with the Africa Philanthropy Network to host WINGSForum 2023. APN brings together 67 member organisations serving different forms of African philanthropy. Together APN members represent civil society and community partners in more than 48 African countries.

WINGSFOrum 2023  lead sponsor:


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WINGSForum is an event of WINGS

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