philanthropy and  the digital revolution


As a society, we are in the middle of a digital revolution. All aspects of our lives and institutions are being transformed at a rapid pace, yet much of this happens without the voice of citizens or civil society. There is now an urgent need to explore what the digital transition entails, who is shaping it and how we can participate and influence its outcomes to benefit society at large. 


The philanthropic and civil society sectors are also deeply impacted by the digital transition and need to get up to speed to leverage the opportunities this transition brings for impact, innovation and change - while preventing and addressing the dynamics that may threaten its work.


For all the wonders of the digital revolution, there are serious questions around ownership, governance, privacy, inclusivity, and a lack of data rights. There are broader questions too, about the impact of highly digitised societies on our jobs, mental health, and the strength of our democracies. What does the advance of technology mean for civilisation as we know it? Where and how can civil society ensure that people and human rights lie at the centre of the digital transition?


Together we will examine the role of philanthropy in this transition, in mediating society’s relationship with this transition and in helping civil society navigate its threats and opportunities. We will discuss, debate and imagine a new future in which values and rights are central to the digital revolution.  


  • Zeynep Tufekci, writer and academic keynote speaker 

  • Rhodri Davies, Head of Policy, Charities Aid Foundation keynote interviewer 

  • Adrian Arena, Director of International Human Rights Programme, Oak Foundation

  • Zia Khan, Senior Vice President, Innovation, The Rockefeller Foundation 

  • Nanjira Sambuli, Technology, public policy and global governance researcher and policy analyst

  • Nighat Dad, Executive Director, Digital Rights Foundation (TBC) 

  • Moderator Frederike Kaltheuner, Fund Manager at European Artificial Intelligence Fund 




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