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philanthropy and the New Economy

THURSDAY,  20 MAY, 2021

In the midst of multiple global crises - environmental collapse, rising inequality, as well as the pandemic - our reliance on flawed economic models and thinking has come into question. Whether this is the pursuit of profit at the expense of environmental or human rights costs; relying on GDP as a decisive indicator of economic success; and unregulated economic growth by a small number of global companies. 

At the same time, we are seeing an emergence of new and innovative economic models that blend the boundary between nonprofit and for profit organisations; integrate social value as part of core business; or find new and exciting models for a green economy. At this critical juncture, which economic models might serve society and the environment better? And what is the role of philanthropy in imagining and implementing them?  



On 20th May, as part of #WINGSForum2021, we will bring together a diverse group of expert speakers to begin this journey of exploring new economic models and thinking, and how philanthropic organisations can help push this agenda forward. 




For more information or to discuss any questions you might have, get in touch.

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