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PHILANTHROPY AND  the digital REvolution


Thursday, 18 February 2021

Online plenary - Open to all


(RE)IMAGINING   WINGSForum2020/2021 

The in-person WINGSForum will shift from November 2020 to 2021, and a series of virtual experiences will fill the gap!

The first event in our Virtual Summit was on Power and the Role of Philanthropy and took place in November. Catch up on what happened here.

Join us for the second event in our series on 18 February 2021 13:00 - 15:00 UTC to explore the role of philanthropy in preparing for the digital revolution and mediating society’s relationship with this transition. An exciting keynote speaker will kick off proceedings, helping us imagine the possible futures that lie ahead. We will then hear from a diverse panel to dive deeper into some of the key challenges and opportunities new technology presents for pursuing a just and equitable world. This is the beginning of a new conversation about how to have a healthy digital society, and what the specific role of philanthropy is within this. Stay tuned to find out more.


The open-access plenary session will be followed by exclusive workshops for WINGS members. These will have up to 10 participants. There will be workshops covering both Eastern and Western time zones.

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Together we will examine the role of philanthropy in the digital revolution, in mediating society’s relationship with this transition and in helping civil society navigate its threats and opportunities. We will discuss, debate and imagine a new future in which values and rights are central to the digital revolution.

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Zeynep Tufekci is an academic and writer who focuses on big social challenges that defy disciplinary boundaries and simple answers. Her work encompasses a wide range of topics, ranging from technology and society to pandemic response to complexity and knowledge. Her academic work focuses on social movements and civics, privacy and surveillance, and social interaction. Originally from Turkey, Dr. Tufekci has become a go-to source on the impact of social media and the growing influence of machine learning algorithms. 



The WINGSForum online events will combine diverse ways of virtual convening in order to have rich global conversations on the three themes of Power (24 November 2020), Technology (18 February 2021) and Economy (20 April 2021). For each topic, we will have an inspiring plenary session with expert panelists followed by exclusive workshops for WINGS members. 

What to expect  

WINGSForum2020/2021: IMAGINE will:

Challenge us to think beyond the conventional wisdom of what philanthropy is and offer exciting opportunities to explore what it can — and must — become. 

Provide a platform to imagine, explore and experiment with different paths for moving forward as individuals, organizations, and societies in a local, national and global interaction. 


WINGS is proud to partner with the Africa Philanthropy Network to host WINGSForum 2020/2021. APN brings together 67 members organizations serving different forms of African philanthropy. Together APN members represent civil society and community partners in more than 50 African countries.


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WINGSForum is an event of WINGS

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